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Sharks in the Water

Ever felt that your small business is just swimming along with the rest of fish in the ocean? Alone on an island, surrounded by sharks just waiting to attack?


Floundering just trying to finds ways to set your business apart from everyone else? Drowning in the endless programs and processes.


Most small businesses do a good job of teaching and educating their sales staff on their products and platforms, but can have a challenge helping the team reach their potential, obtaining the knowledge that increases the opportunity for success and continued growth.

Larger corporations have advantages that few small businesses can afford. Large staffs, teams of advisors and their size alone, makes them at times, feel unbeatable. However, in most cases they have a much higher costs of doing business and few have the "Turn on a Dime" ability, simply due to their size.

If done properly, a small business can out maneuver, outflank and out-value their larger competitor.

With over thirty-five years of experience working with the small business community, we have a perspective that few have. We understand the challenges - Talent acquistion, Employee turnover, Sales motivation, Competitive anaylsis

Our philosophy: "The Mako Shark may not the largest shark in the ocean, but it is cunning, studies its prey and understands when to approach, when to attack and when it's best to simply swim away to fight another day".


The Mako Group, LLC can help your team become " Sharks in the Water" providing the knowledge to gain power and ultimately obtain more control of your small business challenges.



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