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Small Business Advocacy

After spending many years working with the small business community it became obvious that the biggest challenge each faced was not the day to day activities of growing a successful business, but government overreach.


The cost of complying with these rules and regulations were becoming overwhelming and were forcing many to re-evaluate how they run their businesses or if they would even remain in business.


These rules and regulations come from both, State and Federal agencies and they can and have jeopardized some businesses existence. 


The Mako Group advocates on behalf of the small business community. With input from the community we contact local, State and Federal officials to bring attention to these challenges. We research upcoming proposals that could affect the small business community. We monitor how elected officials are voting on proposals that could either help or hinder the small business community and hold them accountable for their votes.


Many are hesitant speak out, afraid that they would face potential repercussions by voicing their opinions. The Mako Group, along with others standing for the small business community can be their voice and a champion for change.


         "One voice, supported by many, can change almost outcome"   

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Small Business Adovocate


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