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We offer various consultant services to the small business community.

Sales Training -


Having a full understanding of the “Who, What, Why and When” process provides a complete look at the sales cycle. The more a person understands the process, the quicker they become productive.


We sit down with an individual or team and discuss this process in detail and get an understanding of what is needed, then develop a plan to assist them in reaching their goals.

Mentoring and Coaching -


Many business owners spend the majority of their time simply doing the daily activities that keep their organizations functioning. They may not have the time to work closely with their sales team to develop a sales strategy that provides the greatest opportunity of success.


This can create a situation where the team becomes more reactionary rather than pro-active. This can also to lead to higher turnover, thus creating less sales revenue.


We can provide mentoring and coaching for a specific individual or team. We can act as your “pseudo” sales manager, providing the team with someone to discuss issues, run ideas past and create successful strategies.

Business Planning -


Trying to decide what to do next can be formidable task. There are times when business owners need to have a fresh approach or differing idea on how to proceed. We can have those discussions.


With over thirty-five years of experience working with small businesses, we can help you evaluate your teams, marketing approach, solution sets and provide a non-biased report to determine if you are ready: expand your portfolio, move into new markets or territories, is your team prepared to take on these new challenges.

Research -


Few small businesses have the time or resources to do research. What’s occurring in the business evironment and how might it affect you moving forward. What is your competition doing and more importantly what are your clients doing? 


Our contacts across various industries can provide insight as to what’s occurring in the various vertical markets and having worked and communicated with companies from across the country we can provide you information that you might not have been able to obtain on your own.


We can also reach out to your client base to have business discussions as to their direction, what they looking for in a business partner to help you uncover why or why not they are doing business with your organization.


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